SELECTED EXHIBITIONS                                                      STUDIES                                                      


"Painters” ANOHAAO Gallery                                                    CalArts Chouinard, Los Angeles CA.                                                       

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017                                                        San Diego State University, San Diego CA.

                                                                                                           Instituto Allende, Guanaguato, Mexico


”Trouble in Paradise” Gallery and More

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014                                                        PROJECTS

                                                                                                           Producer field effects for UCSD boichemistry film "Protein Primer"

“Creatures of Habitus” Art Now Gallery,                                  Director visual effects for feature film "Captain Milkshake"

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2003                                                      Producer optical media for  UC San Diego modern dance ensemble

                                                                                                           Founding member of "Mirkwood" a light show company for live concert performance

                                                                                                           The installation "Running Man" Gothenburg, Sweden

“Conducting Bodies” Art Now Gallery,

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1998

“Figures in Opposition” Ericsson Space,

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1989

“Tour Exhibition, Scandinavia”

Johnny Ericsson Dir. Mister Music Corp.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1987-88

“Masks and Fabulations” Gallery “D”

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1985

One person exhibition, Gallery Fabian Carlson,

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1982

One person exhibition, Gallery Uddenberg,

Gothenburg, Sweden

“California Biennial”  San Diego Museum of Art,

San Diego, California, 1978

One person exhibition, Tri-Ad Gallery,

San Diego, California, 1967

“Southern California Painting and Sculpture” exhibition

Long Beach Museum of Art, 1963

“California Painting and Sculpture” La Jolla Museum of Art

La Jolla, California, 1962