Imaginary Golf

Imaginary Golf

A ’Fresh Perspective ’ Shows the golfer sizing up a putt while being sized up herself by Goofy smashing an atom. A feathered friend stands by with his head in the sand.

In ’BacchusDreams’ This golfer splashes a ’world class’ bunker shot out of an oil field into the diatomaceous earth while being toasted by Bacchus sitting up in his misty forest.

With ’Ephemeral pleasures’ The Egyptian god Thoth introduces the golfer to the pleasures of putting the ’Mars ball’ down a white hole.

Rising from the glowing ash  Tiger deals a  "Hydra Cut"  as a young violinist contemplates  the birning fields in this prehistoric scene.

’Hybrid History’ shows how Annika, Harry, Michelle and Steve put it all together for great swing as the old guard look on.

She hits the "Quantum Draw"  and the ball takes all possible

paths to the target. Betty Boop and the other observers go crazy.

’Explosive Bolt’ reveals the enraged Tommy Bolt pulverizing his cocktail with the putter as Goofy is ’on the money’ with his finish. Tommy was the fifth PGA

Tour player to shoot a 60.

In ’Nostalgia’ The crowd is petrified as Mischelle gets good

bounce with an ocean diatom ball and grandmother putts

over sleeping Buddha.