Imaginary Chess

Imaginary Chess

                             'Over the Edge'

               Trapped with his selfie

              in a bubble down the tube

           she prepares her next move

                     'The Crossing'

             Crossing the rugged plane

             searching for a better life

             trying time and time again


            searching for a way out

   through the scrap or burning board         under nail-mans frozen stare

                     'King Attack'

                battle in the zone

            the planet exacts revenge

                   winner micro-life

                    'Time Troubles'

                 no victory in sight

                 from torrent or burning sky

                 think and be thankful

                'Pawn sacrifice'

         the boys without youth

         paint an image of childhood

         while she makes breakfast

                        'Knight Fork'            

      kickining a knight through the slits

                    she sets in motion

          spreding waves of memory

                      ' 'Bad Bishop'

                 view from the abyss

              birds of prey boys at play

          erode the words and images

               'Boundary Conditions'

                       corroded city

        crowds exercise their power

             at the edge of confusion



             'The Competition'

              some see it as fun

            our little recreations

           others are dead serious

                      ' Ship of Fools'

               as the band plays on

         comes the surge and wake

       while the chimera watches over

                     'End game'

             in a confined space

     the senses may seem sharpened

         cat who ? well, catastrophe